Kailua Seascapes 
             Paintings by Gregory Thomas

Often setting up to paint on the beach in the cool air of predawn, Gregory Thomas appreciates the natural quiet of the environment, interrupted only by the occasional waking bird.  It is a meditative silence and darkness that gradually yields to the orange pink and purple colors of dawn reflected in the sea. Witnessing this relatively brief natural event and responding with paint, pastel and brush on paper has resulted in a series of superimposed images representing the moment to moment experience of the changing natural light.  This experience is captured in many of Gregory’s paintings.

Painting on site directly from nature has certain requirements, which has led Gregory to the development of a unique technique of mixed media, using both watercolor and pastel.  This technique takes full advantage of the transparency and fluidity of the watercolor medium and the opacity and brilliance of soft pastels.  The colorful environment of Hawaii has provided a subject, which is ideal for his particular technique and style. These original paintings have been transformed into limited editions of gicle’e prints, as well as, having inspired oil on canvas easel paintings. 

Gregory Thomas, an American artist, is an accomplished painter, having consistently pursued the fine arts.  Gregory has been sketching and painting all his life.  From early life drawing classes, his passion, as a painter, led to his academic studies at various art schools in oil painting.  Gregory earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a minor in fine arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in fine art painting from Portland State University.   

Gregory's interest in art, painting technology and the preservation of art led him to the award of a Master of Arts Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study in Art Conservation and later to become an educator in art conservation.  Having established major institutional art conservation laboratories in the United States, Gregory presently provides art conservation consultation, as a private practitioner for

Art Care, which he established in 1987 in Kailua, Oahu.  Art conservation has provided a unique opportunity for in depth research of ancient to modern painting techniques and materials.  Although the demand for Gregory's conservation knowledge and skills at Art Care has been very time consuming, he has continued to ardently pursue painting at every possible opportunity. Since 1977, seascapes have become his favorite subject.  Working from sketches made on site, plein-air, and without the use of photography, Gregory has produced many seascapes, at wide ranging locations.  These include Bermuda, Nantucket, the East, Gulf and West Coasts of the mainland, as well as the Hawaiian Islands. Gregory now uses a variety of painting media to create his unique vision from direct experience of the natural environment.

Currently Gregory Thomas continues to paint in Kailua, Oahu, having returned to reside in the Hawaiian Islands. You are welcome to order gicle’e prints by calling (808) 397-0900 or e-mail: artcare@mac.com.